Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Camp Chameleon will be offering a limited number of field trips each week, to ensure a safe, healthy, and fun Summer 2021!

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NOTE: If registering multiple students with differing schedules, please contact us via phone or e-mail to make special arrangements. Thank you.

Extended Hours

Please check here if your child will be attending camp during extended hours. (No additional charge.)

Lunch Program

$30.00 per week


M, W & F - Pizza, Tu & Th - Chicken Nuggets. Served with chips and a drink.


One Free T-Shirt With Registration!

All students MUST wear a Camp Chameleon t-shirt daily. Extra T-shirts can be ordered for $11.00 each.


Please indicate your child’s size (Child 6-8, Child 10-12, Adult S, M, L, XL) for extras.


PLEASE FILL IN THIS SECTION ONLY IF YOU ARE ORDERING EXTRA T-SHIRTS. We will select an appropriate size for the one free t-shirt.

Medical Details


$65 registration fee to register each student. Families of 2 or more are $130. All registration fees, Camp Chameleon tuition and t-shirt fees are non-changeable and non-refundable. There are NO refunds or credits given for days or weeks absent.

  • All fees for Camps are due Friday at 5:00 for the following week. Camp fees are based on weekly attendance.
  • A late pick-up charge of $1.00 per minute will be assessed for children picked up after 6:00 p.m. Repeated late pick-up may result in student dismissal from program.
  • Camp Chameleon has permission to use photographs of your child for Camp Chameleon advertising purposes.
  • You agree that your child is physically able to take part in the full array of Camp Chameleon program activities without restrictions or any undisclosed limitations or abilities.
  • You authorize Camp Chameleon to obtain medical attention for your child in the event of an emergency.
  • You assume all risk associated with your child participating in Camp Chameleon activities and agree to pay for any and all medical expenses for your child in the event of an injury incurred while attending Camp Chameleon.
  • You assume responsibility for the payment of any damage to physical property or to others caused by your child.
  • You release Camp Chameleon and its representatives of all liabilities arising from this program.
  • You agree and understand that students will be dismissed with NO refund for repeated disobedience of Camp Chameleon rules as detailed on our student code of conduct form. Repeated disobedience includes not following directions/listening to counselors, aggressive behavior with others verbally &/or physically, improper use of social media/texting/cell phone, threats &/or harm to themselves or others, emotional distress, inappropriate behavior while on bus/field trips, etc.
  • You understand that we encourage students to leave valuable items at home such as I Pods, phones & electronic games. Camp Chameleon does not assume responsibility if items are lost, stolen, or broken.
Other Details


If the unavoidable threat of natural or manmade disaster or tropical/hurricane warnings are enacted in Broward County, Camp Chameleon will be closed for the safety of our students. No refunds or credit will be given if camp has to be suspended during these times.


By signing your name in the below field, you verify and confirm that: (i) all information entered into this form is true and correct; (ii) your child has no limitations which prevents him or her from participating in camp activities; (iii) you assume all risk associated with your child’s participation in camp activities; and (iv) you will pay for any and all medical expenses in the event your child is injured while attending Camp Chameleon.

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For additional information, please contact customer support at (954) 815-9054, or e-mail us at .